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A great fit

Never run to the big box store again — our filters are compatible with all AC brands and models.

Heavy duty

The frame's heavy duty construction prevents it from warping, cracking and distorting in normal operating conditions.


Our synthetic filters are better at attracting and capturing airborne particles and allergens than traditional fiberglass filters.


We keep our production green by using post-consumer recycled material to make our wire-back media.

High performance

Made from high performing synthetic media that is resistant to moisture and bacterial growth. 

Easy installation

Our filters are easy to install, let Martin show you how to install your air filter here. 

Purposeful design

The deep pleated design increases the surface area where particles accumulate prolonging the life of your filter.

Delivered on schedule

You schedule your filter delivery when you need it — no more forgetting to change your home's air filters.

Cost efficient

Electrostatically-enhanced media keeps your wallet happy by lowering the initial resistance and increasing the filter efficiency.

Risk free

You're in control. You can change, cancel or pause your subscription anytime by logging into your account.

Made in the USA

Canopy filters are designed and crafted right here in the U.S.A.

Rated just right

Our MERV 11 filters block a host of respiratory irritants to purify the air in your home habitat.

Our filter is just right for your whole family, including your furry friends.

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